New evidence for cyclic universe claimed by Roger Penrose and colleagues

Unexpected hot spots in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) could have been produced by black holes evaporating before the Big Bang. So says a trio of scientists led by mathematical physicist Roger Penrose in a paper presenting new evidence that our universe is just one stage in a potentially infinite cycle of cosmic extinction and rebirth. Other […]

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A Transparent, Seemingly Impossible Galaxy Discovered

Despite how little we know about dark matter, we can tell when it’s there, from the way it impacts galaxies and causes strange movements that don’t fit the laws of gravity. Which means we can also tell when it’s not there. For the first time, astronomers using the Dragonfly Telephoto Array in New Mexico (and eventually the Hubble Space Telescope) discovered a distant galaxy […]

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MIT’s wearable device can ‘hear’ the words you say in your head

Subvocalization signals are detected by electrodes and turned into words using AI If you’ve read any sort of science fiction, it’s likely you’ve heard about subvocalization, the practice of silently saying words in your head. It’s common when we read (though it does slow you down), but it’s only recently begun to be used as a way to […]

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A New Method to Protect Aircraft From Lightning Strikes?

While the possibility of an aircraft being struck by lightning is rare and does not present a threat to flight crews or pilots, aircraft manufacturers are looking to improve their current level of understanding of the interaction between aircraft and lightning. A new study published by several researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Department of […]

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